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Our investment, lending, and property management services are led by experts rooted in the global markets where we deliver value for our clients.

$ 82.3 B
Assets under management (USD)
(as of March 31, 2024) Learn more.
750 +
Clients & Partners
Offices around the world


Real Estate Investment

Expertise in 27 cities in 13 countries. BGO’s clients prosper from a full range of targeted investment strategies across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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Global Real Estate Lending Platform

World class real estate debt solutions. Our innovative financing solutions work to make our clients’ investment plans a reality. Learn how we can serve you.

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Management & Leasing

BGO Properties

With 100+ years in Canada, our award-winning teams make the properties we manage destinations of choice for tenants and residents. Find out how we can serve you.

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ESG Leadership

Championing ESG and BGO’s path to Net Zero. Driven by a sustainability mindset, our people and programs deliver efficiency and resiliency to our fiduciary and management approach. Here’s how we are making a difference.

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