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Our approach

$ 82.3 B
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Clients & Partners
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Investing in a world of opportunity

Investing in a world of opportunity

Inspired by a rich history of over 100 years’ real estate leadership, BGO seeks to help investors and stakeholders realise value from the built environment in the world’s premier real estate markets today.

Combining a true on the ground presence in global markets with sophisticated analytics, insightful research, and industry-leading sustainability commitments, our buildings, and the communities they nurture are poised to be the settings for the next great chapters of our shared history.

Operating in 27 cities worldwide, with a team of 1,400+ employees, BGO is ready for what’s next.

Client Relationships

We form lasting, trust-based relationship with our clients that go to the heart of understanding their purpose and goals. As trusted fiduciaries that prioritize active asset, property, and risk management, we are committed to serving the needs and objectives of over 750 clients around the world.

Finding Value and Delivering Performance

We relentlessly pursue value creation and the best risk-adjusted investment opportunities in the global markets where we operate. BGO’s diverse real estate investment platform is built to drive performance and meet our clients’ varied needs.

Local Expertise

Spanning 27 offices and 13 countries, our local market knowledge and experience combined with an entrepreneurial spirit for identifying and delivering value is how we create important advantages for our clients.

Sustainability Leadership

Global Leadership in Sustainability. Our global portfolio includes examples which underscore some of the industry’s best practices and achievements in sustainable investing and environmental, social and governance performance. We strive to lead by example with respect to investing sustainably.

Read our Sustainable Investing Report

Client and Partner Alignment

Significant ownership of the business by our leadership and employees alongside Sun Life’s capital commitment, ownership, and sponsorship, solidify our long-term focus and our commitment to an approach that prioritizes alignment with our clients and investors as valued partners.

Our Core Values

Integrity, transparency, and responsible investing. These values underpin who we are as a business. It’s our commitment to these principles that make us an advisor, a partner, and an employer of choice.